Best Mountaineering Ice Axes

Top 3 Best Mountaineering Ice Axes

Are you planning a mountaineering adventure? One essential tool you’ll need in your arsenal is a reliable ice axe. The right ice axe can be your best friend when navigating steep slopes, icy terrain, and challenging conditions.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 3 best mountaineering ice axes to help you make an informed decision.

We’ll also provide valuable insights on how to choose the perfect ice axe for your mountaineering needs. So, let’s dive in and discover the ice axes that will elevate your climbing experience to new heights.

Top 3 Best Mountaineering Ice Axes

1. Lightweight Grivel GZERO Ice Axe

2. Petzl Glacier Ice Axe – Lightweight Performance Ice Axe

3. LIANTRAL Camping Axe, Folding Survival Hatchet Axe

Lightweight Grivel GZERO Ice Axe

Lightweight Grivel GZERO Ice Axe
Lightweight Grivel GZERO Ice Axe

The Lightweight Grivel GZERO Ice Axe is designed for those seeking a high-performance ice axe that won’t weigh them down.

Constructed with a durable aluminium shaft, this axe offers excellent strength and reliability while remaining lightweight. Its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, ensuring precise control during ice climbing and self-arrest manoeuvres.

The hot-forged steel head features a robust pick and adze, enabling efficient ice penetration and secure placements.


Lightweight, Durable, Precise control.


Not suitable for heavy-duty use.

Petzl Glacier Ice Axe – Lightweight Performance Ice Axe

Petzl Glacier Ice Axe - Lightweight Performance Ice Axe
Petzl Glacier Ice Axe – Lightweight Performance Ice Axe

The Petzl Glacier Ice Axe is a lightweight and versatile ice tool suitable for both glacier travel and moderate ice climbing. It features a lightweight aluminium shaft that reduces fatigue during long climbs while maintaining strength and durability.

The stainless steel head incorporates a sharp pick and an adze for efficient ice-cutting and self-arrest capabilities. The integrated Linkin leash provides added security and prevents accidental drops.


 Lightweight, Versatile, Secure leash.


Not ideal for technical ice climbing.

LIANTRAL Camping Axe, Folding Survival Hatchet Axe

LIANTRAL Camping Axe, Folding Survival Hatchet Axe
LIANTRAL Camping Axe, Folding Survival Hatchet Axe

The LIANTRAL Camping Axe is a multipurpose tool that combines the functionality of a hatchet and an ice axe. Its folding design allows for convenient storage and transportation, making it a versatile choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

The high-carbon steel construction provides exceptional strength and durability. The axe head features a sharp cutting edge and a sturdy pick, making it suitable for light mountaineering and camping tasks.


Versatile, Compact, Durable.


Limited ice climbing capabilities.

How Do I Choose an Ice Axe for Mountaineering?

Choosing the right ice axe for mountaineering is crucial for your safety and performance on the mountain. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an ice axe:

Determine the type of mountaineering you’ll be engaging in. If you’re planning on technical ice climbing, you’ll need a specialized ice axe designed for steep ice.

For general mountaineering and glacier travel, a versatile ice axe with a comfortable grip and self-arrest capabilities is recommended.

The length of the ice axe should be appropriate for your height and the type of terrain you’ll encounter. A shorter ice axe is suitable for steep and technical climbs, while a longer one provides better balance and stability on moderate slopes and glaciers.

Consider the weight of the ice axe, as a lighter tool can reduce fatigue during long climbs. However, be mindful not to sacrifice durability and functionality for lighter weight.

Look for ice axes made from high-quality materials such as aluminium or steel. Aluminium axes are lightweight and ideal for general mountaineering, while steel axes offer enhanced strength and durability for more demanding climbs.

Pay attention to the features of the ice axe, such as the shape of the pick and adze, the type of leash or grip, and any additional attachments. These features can impact the axe’s performance and your overall comfort while using it.

Remember, it’s essential to receive proper training and practice using an ice axe before venturing into mountaineering activities.

Can We Use an Ice Axe on Everest?

When tackling the formidable slopes of Everest, having the right ice axe is of utmost importance. Mountaineers rely on this versatile tool for various tasks throughout their ascent.

Whether it’s navigating treacherous crevasses, ascending steep sections, or executing self-arrest techniques, an ice axe is a vital piece of equipment.

During the ascent of Everest, climbers encounter a range of terrain and conditions, including icy slopes, snowfields, and vertical ice walls.

An ice axe provides stability, balance, and control, allowing mountaineers to traverse these challenging landscapes with confidence.

The self-arrest capability of an ice axe is particularly crucial on Everest. In the event of a slip or fall on a steep slope, an ice axe can be used to quickly and effectively stop the slide.

By plunging the pick into the snow or ice and using the adze as a brake, climbers can prevent potentially dangerous falls and regain control.

Furthermore, an ice axe is essential for creating ice anchors, which are used to secure ropes and establish belay points. These anchors provide added security during technical sections, ensuring climbers can safely navigate vertical ice or mixed terrain.

Given the extreme conditions and risks associated with climbing Everest, it is vital to choose a high-quality ice axe that meets the specific demands of the mountain.

The ice axe should be durable, lightweight, and feature a comfortable grip to accommodate the long and challenging ascent.

In conclusion, an ice axe is an indispensable tool for mountaineers tackling Everest. Its multifunctional capabilities, including self-arrest, balance, stability, and the ability to create ice anchors, make it an essential piece of equipment for navigating demanding terrain.

Choosing the right ice axe and developing the necessary skills to use it effectively are crucial steps in preparing for the ultimate mountaineering challenge.

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In conclusion, when it comes to mountaineering ice axes, it’s essential to choose a tool that combines reliability, durability, and performance.

The top 7 ice axes listed in this article have been carefully selected based on their features, customer reviews, and reputation in the mountaineering community.

Whether you’re an experienced climber or a beginner venturing into the world of mountaineering, having a high-quality ice axe is vital for your safety and success on the mountain.

Remember, selecting the best ice axe depends on your specific needs, the type of mountaineering you’ll be engaging in, and the terrain you’ll encounter. Consider factors such as weight, length, materials, and features when making your decision.

Additionally, ensure that you receive proper training and practice using an ice axe before embarking on any mountaineering expedition.

Investing in a reliable ice axe will not only enhance your performance but also provide peace of mind as you navigate the icy slopes and rugged terrain of the mountains.

So, equip yourself with the best mountaineering ice axe and embark on your next adventure with confidence.

Stay safe, stay prepared, and embrace the exhilarating world of mountaineering with the right ice axe by your side!

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